About DanceStars

DanceStars is a competition that focus specifically on the Performing Arts.
We organise competitions where dancers can perform in several styles: ballet, jazz, modern, musical, street, tap and even more.
At these competitions you can compete in solo’s, duo’s/trio’s and in teams. All the dancers are classified by their age and level of skills. This way we want to make sure that everything is fair.

We offer dancers from all over Europe an platform where they can practise their passion for dance. We want to challenge these dancers to improve their skills and be the best they can be.


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European Championships

The third DanceStars European Championship takes place this year form the 26th of May until the 29th of May 2023 in the Germany.
This European Championship is an event where every style is welcome. There are categories in ballet, jazz, modern, musical, street, tap and even more.

You can expect to compete with the best dancers from all of Europe. There will be solo, duo/trio and team competitions as well as great inspiring workshops and some amazing parties.

There is an possibility to perform in four different categories for teams: Contemporary/ Jazz, Ballet, Commercial/ street and open (all other styles). When you perform in a duo or solo you can compete in three different categories: Contemporary/ Jazz, Ballet and Open.

Will you be the next European Dance Star?